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Paul Rousso
"Say’in Grace”


Miles Lewis
"Mr. Barber on the Porch"





Welcome to the Dean Barber Scholarship webpage!

Most of us remember that one teacher who inspired us to excellence, to go further, to dream. Dean Barber was one such teacher, and he inspired a generation of art students at Myers Park High School in Charlotte, NC.

Although he passed away several years ago from cancer, his inspiration lives on, and several of his graduates are organizing a fundraising campaign to establish a scholarship in his name. The goal is to continue to reward excellence in the arts in Charlotte, and encourage young students to pursue their artistic goals beyond the High School level.


2013 Scholarship.
  Thursday, 4/12/12

Look for applications for the 2013 Dean Barber Fund Scholarship this fall.

"Dragonfly" by prior Scholarship Winner Carley Brandau

Click on the image above to see a sampling of Carley's work.


Post Your memories, thoughts, or other comments on our Facebook page.
  Thursday, 4/12/12

In order to give folks a place to put down their thoughts, ideas, memories, photos, or just to become part of the group, we set up a Facebook page for the Dean Barber Fund. Please take a minute to write or post something, and make sure to spread the link to your friends.

Dean Barber Fund Group on Facebook

You've got to sign up to Facebook to post on this site. If you would rather just send us your post directly, we can post if on the discussion board for you! Email us here.

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  Thursday, 4/12/12

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