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Exceleration: Import JIRA data into Excel using Power Query…

What if you could create reports and inspect data from JIRA using Excel easily, efficiently and intelligently? JIRA by Atlassian may be the most popular Agile project management tool embraced by Scrum Masters, Product Owners, developers, testers and the organizations that depend on them. Excel by Microsoft is undoubtedly the most widely used spreadsheet (data analysis and reporting) tool used by leaders, communicators and basically anyone that uses a computer. What if you could have your Jira cake and eat it with Excel, too?

JIRA provides a full set of REST APIs giving programmable access to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) the data maintained behind-the-scenes. Microsoft Excel (since 2016) provides Power Query capabilities that enable “easy button” refresh capability within your worksheets, pivot tables, charts and dashboards. Wait… what? Here, I’ll show you. The steps below will detail how to:

  • Launch Excel (duh)
  • Launch Jira (ok, I can do that)
  • Create a JQL (what’s that? Jira Query Language allows you to filter, sort and retrieve Jira data)
  • Create a Jira API Token (basically a generated password that only you have access to)
  • Create a Power Query (available in Excel since 2016 and Microsoft’s Power Query M Formula Language

Launch Excel

Launching Excel… well… if you don’t know how to start Excel, then this article may not be for you

Launch Jira

Similarly to the Launch Excel section… you should probably know how to do this. Well, I will say, you should be using the “cloud” version of Jira… how can you know that? If the URL that you use to access Jira has “” in the name

Launch Jira

Create a JQL

Jira Query Language allows you to filter, sort and retrieve Jira data. Click on “Issues” and

Write query using Jira


Kevin Kaminski joins Hayden Technology

We are excited to welcome Kevin Kaminski to our consulting practice! Kevin is a senior consultant and banking analyst providing agile project management, current state analysis and documenting future state assessments. Kevin ensures project scope and requirements are well documented and understood enabling success for our clients. We are proud to have Kevin on the team!


Hayden Technology, Inc. Value Add:
– Experience and expertise focused exclusively in the Financial Services / Banking Industry
– Innovative consulting, applying design thinking and agile methods to address real world client challenges
– Lean approach to client delivery through observation, recommendation, execution

Kevin Kaminski

REBLOGGED Trianglecast #55: Kris Kovacs from Constellation (Part 1)

Check out Trianglecast Podcast featuring our partner from Constellation Digital Partners:

Jason interviews the founder of Constellation Digital PartnersKris Kovacs. Constellation is an organization funded by several credit unions, and provides an open development platform and marketplace for Credit Unions and Financial Technology Developers to build products and solutions that ultimately benefit Credit Union Customers!

They’ve raised a record breaking amount of capital in a short amount of time to support this great idea. In this half  of the interview we discuss the creation of Constellation,  how they raised the capital, the recession,  why we had to re-record the entire episode, an inspiring graduation speech from Paul Barry, integrity and more!