Cryptocurrency Regulation Payments

How do US government regulations impact cryptocurrency related products, solutions and offerings?

The US regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies is complex, involving multiple federal and state agencies. The SEC and CFTC are central at the federal level, determining the classification of cryptocurrencies and regulating derivatives and spot markets, respectively. State bodies like NYDFS also impose significant local regulations. Compliance is crucial for cryptocurrency companies, requiring robust programs covering AML/KYC practices, transaction monitoring, record-keeping, and employee training on compliance policies. Legal counsel is vital in navigating this terrain, focusing on regulatory compliance, risk management, and enforcement defense. Engaging proactively with regulators, maintaining transparency, and managing risks are integral for companies to adapt to regulatory changes and ensure long-term operational success in the cryptocurrency market. Education and training for employees further strengthen compliance and the overall integrity of cryptocurrency operations.

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Exceleration: Power Apps Get Sharepoint Data using Power Automate

I have explored enhancing Powerapps performance by using caching techniques with SharePoint REST APIs, avoiding the need for premium connectors. By leveraging three phases of logic—validating, updating expired data, and handling new entries—I optimized data retrieval. We implemented a “Power Automate” flow for fetching and caching SharePoint data. This facilitates smoother and cheaper operations within Powerapps, using conditions to manage data freshness and validity effectively.

Exceleration: Import JIRA data into Excel using Power Query and JIRA REST API

Create reports and inspect data from JIRA using Excel easily, efficiently and intelligently. JIRA by Atlassian may be the most popular Agile project management tool embraced by Scrum Masters, Product Owners, developers, testers and the organizations that depend on them. Excel by Microsoft is undoubtedly the most widely used spreadsheet (data analysis and reporting) tool used by leaders, communicators and basically anyone that uses a computer. What if you could have your Jira cake and eat it with Excel, too?

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