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Branch Strategy

The Continuing Evolution of the “Branch”

What is a branch, really?

While I hold firm to the idea that what we consider the “traditional” brick-and-mortar location is not going away anytime soon, it is an almost certainty that the concept of what a branch “is” will continue change dramatically over the next 2…5…10…years…both from the standpoint of a place where customers physically go to perform banking transactions as well as the continuing evolution of virtual banking.

This article from American Banker / Credit Union Journal focuses primarily on video banking via mobile, but that’s really just one approach across a broad spectrum of branch strategy, evolution, and transformation:

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Digital Banking

Enabling Customer Control and PFM Solutions in Online and…

Top Banks are Enabling Innovative Customer-Centric Services

3rd Party personal finance management (PFM) solutions continue to pop up and evolve and the top banks are taking notice.  Innovative aggregation solutions are providing additive or differentiated services beyond our standard banking apps.  Services like Mint.com, Personal Capital, Yodlee, Credit Karma and even other financial institutions provide behind-the-scenes links into your online account information through secure aggregation and consolidate the information in useful ways.  Cool right? Read more “Enabling Customer Control and PFM Solutions in Online and Mobile Banking”

Digital Banking

Industry Article: The Benefits Of A Mobile-First Website

This is a great case study from Callahan & Associates (creditunions.com) around Citadel FCU’s (https://www.citadelbanking.com/) efforts to improve their members’ digital experience. By way of some context, Citadel is a $2.8B asset CU based in Exton, PA.

I like the overall approach here – not just looking at this effort as a cosmetic website redesign, but taking a holistic look at the member experience as it relates to online and mobile:

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