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Woollen|Studio is an architecture and design firm specializing in institutional, residential, and small scale commercial projects. Located in Seattle, Washington, our projects are located throughout the country, and have a diverse focus that strive to provide excellent professional services at a reasonable cost.

Our mission is to produce great designs to meet the diverse goals of our clients in the many aspects of life. A holistic approach to design is our goal, combining spacial configuration, sustainable design, programmatic configuring, and graphic design to solve problems and anticipate ways in which design can enhance dwelling, working, and playing.

Architecture should always be considered within the context of it's environment. This dictum involves not only the siting of the building, attention to local vernacular, and connection to the landscpae, but also an attention to the building process from a sustainable footing.

"Green" architecture is a focus that we feel should be considered in every project, not as an afterthought, but as a principal that is central to the design. This design principal not only creates better projects for our clients with long term benefits both financially and in quality of life, but also is our responsibility as stewards of the earth.





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