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Agile Adoption, Adaptation and Lessons Learned at Top 10…

Hayden Technology shares common successes and challenges involved when introducing Agile Scrum at a top-10 Credit Union.  Agile adoption is more evolution than flip-the-switch transformation.  Mark Woollen shares how applying Scrum helps teams focus on priorities during a complex and challenging initiative to replace their outdated and unmanageable online mobile banking platform.

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Your company’s Agile maturity level…

Does your organization practice Agile/Scrum? If you know about Agile, it’s likely that your company is practicing Agile. How’s it going? Some teams are good. Some teams are great. Some teams really struggle with Agile. Are your business partners engaged? Is your team meeting their commitments? Is your team maintaining their Sprint velocity? People are inherently distracted. Scrum is an effective Agile Practice that helps teams focus. You need support from Leadership… Right?

Tell us about your Agile Practice: Is Agile Valuable to your team? Does your team practice Agile/Scrum?

Which Agile concepts are MOST valuable for your Scrum Team?


Real World Agile: The Importance of Agile Release Planning

Agile is about evolution.  We should expect to learn, sometimes fail, sometimes succeed, improve, observe and learn some more to survive in the real world everyday.  The purpose of Agile Release Planning release planning is to commit to a plan for delivering an increment of product value.  When we “commit” to something as a team:

  • We understand the goal
  • We understand the content
  • We understand the value to the business
  • We understand the plan
  • We agree that we can (and will strive to) adhere to the plan

If we are committed to the goals, to the team, to the business partners, to our customers and to our organization… then we can agree it’s time to get started!  If we try to start before we agree on our level of commitment, then we introduce opportunity for disconnect and missed expectations.

Be sure to enter your Releases and Sprints with confidence and commitment!